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Did Ida Lupino Daughter ever get married? Does she have any Children?

It’s quite difficult to find information about Bridget, but I’m fairly certain she didn’t have any children, and I don’t think she did marry, but if anyone else knows otherwise, please let me know!

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Snug Ida Lupino cinema opens at University of Kent | Canterbury Times

This is so cool!!!

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how tall and the weight of Ida Lupino

Hi!  Ida Lupino was 5’3” or 5’4” and somewhere around 105lbs to 110lbs, I think.  I’m sure it fluctuated.

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But no grandchildren, right?


7 months ago on 26 February 2014 @ 7:13pm
Did Ida have any children?

Hi!  Yes, she had one daughter with her 3rd husband Howard Duff.  She’s named Bridget and born April 23, 1952.  Below is a picture of them from that year.

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Happy Birthday!

Thank you!

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Movie actress Ida Lupino, is a lieutenant in the Women’s Ambulance and Defense Corps and is shown at a telephone switch board. In an emergency she can reach every ambulance post in the city. It is in her house and from here she can see the whole Los Angeles area.

Photo: Associated Press

Brentwood, California, USA, January 3, 1942.

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Motion Picture - January 1941

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Happy New Year from these Paramount starlets!

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Actress Ida Lupino loved her 1937 Halsco Land Yacht

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Ida Lupino and George Raft in a promotional shot for Yours For the Asking (1936)

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Candid photo of Ida Lupino, 1940’s

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Ida Lupino

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